Using Big Data to Tackle the Storage I/O Blender Effect

Duration: 45 minutes

Virtualization transformed IT operations through powerful resource abstraction and workload consolidation. But it has also made IT operations extraordinarily more COMPLEX − especially where virtualization and storage meet. The now-common use of shared storage infrastructure has created an I/O blender effect that plagues IT teams daily with visibility and resource contention issues.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What is the I/O blender effect and its impact on IT ops
  • Why traditional tools and approaches fall short
  • How Big Data analytics cut through the complexity to provide clear visibility
  • How data-driven insights help you accelerate performance troubleshooting, reduce waste, and make smarter storage purchase decisions

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Earl Follis, Senior Analyst, SSG-Now

Earl Follis is an analyst with SSG-Now, a well-known analyst firm that focuses on realistic storage and systems solutions for today’s data centers. Earl is a long-time IT professional who has worked as a technical trainer, a technical evangelist, a network administrator, and in other IT positions for a number of large enterprises including IBM and Dell. He’s also the co-author of numerous books, including …For Dummies titles on Windows Server and NetWare, and writes for many print and online publications.

Krishna Raj Raja, Product Management, CloudPhysics

Krishna is a founding member of the CloudPhysics team and a widely regarded expert in VMware performance and capacity management. Prior to CloudPhysics, he was at VMware for more than 10 years specifically focusing on virtualization core platform performance. He is a popular a speaker at industry conferences such as VMworld and Strata. You may know him in the twitterverse as @esxtopguru.