On-Demand Webinar

Know Your Baseline Costs Before Considering Migration

Watch this webinar to be certain of making the right decisions on moving resources to the cloud. You’ll see how to evaluate which workloads are candidates for cloud migration PLUS measure how efficiently you’re utilizing your own resources.

The CloudPhysics Cost Calculator for Private Cloud lets you apply basic costing models to determine your actual costs per virtual machine (VM) in terms of power, compute resources, memory, storage, licensing, and more to generate a cost baseline.  

Now you can apply CloudPhysics rightsizing intelligence to your VMs. See your “as is” costs beside your rightsized costs at peak, 99th percentile, and 95th percentile. Capture savings by reducing workloads to match actual demands and reduce overprovisioning.

When mapping your VMs to their public cloud instances, apply the same peak, 99th percentile, and 95th percentile data to reveal cost difference for private versus public cloud.

About the Speaker   
Chris GrossmeierChris Grossmeier is Director of Product Management for CloudPhysics. Prior to CloudPhysics, Chris worked at VMware for 9 years as a Global Strategic Alliances Architect and Engineer. He brings to CloudPhysics a deep background in data center design, virtualization, and application development. When not addressing the risks of over-committed data center resources, this Wisconsin native enjoys cycling, wine, and travel.