Learn What VMworld Attendees Told Us About Their vSphere Experiences

CloudPhysics surveyed over 1,200 VMworld 2016 attendees about their specific concerns in managing the vSphere environment. We got down to the nuts-and-bolts of the challenges they faced; what’s changed and what didn’t. People were very forthcoming with their answers—and some of them were quite surprising. If you’re managing a virtual environment, you should know that you have plenty of company in your concerns about tackling some main issues. To further throw light on the subject, we consulted the CloudPhysics Global Data Set for extra content and insights.

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About the Speaker   
Chris GrossmeierChris Grossmeier is Director of Product Management for CloudPhysics. Prior to CloudPhysics, Chris worked at VMware for 9 years as a Global Strategic Alliances Architect and Engineer. He brings to CloudPhysics a deep background in data center design, virtualization, and application development. When not addressing the risks of over-committed data center resources, this Wisconsin native enjoys cycling, wine, and travel.