On-Demand Webinar

Save More Than 50 Percent on Your Migration to Cloud by Rightsizing

Watch this webinar to see how the CloudPhysics Public Cloud Planning Rightsizer identifies opportunities to lower your costs of running applications on the public cloud.

The Public Cloud Planning Rightsizer automatically identifies on-premises virtual machines (VMs) that are over-provisioned with more resources (such as CPU and memory) than they use. This lets you optimize instance matching to the ideal cloud instances. Rightsizing reveals the verifiable cost of running workloads in the cloud. Now you can answer the question, "will we save money by migrating applications to the cloud?"

This webinar shows how the Public Cloud Planning Rightsizer collects resource utilization data from each VM on a fine-grained basis, and then analyzes those data across time to discover the VM's actual resource needs. Imagine an on-premises VM configured with 8 vCPUs: if the Rightsizer shows that it has never used more than 2 vCPUs, you can Rightsize that VM to a smaller instance in the cloud, saving substantial funds.

About the Speaker

Chris SchinChris is an accomplished product leader with consistent track record (15+ years) of bringing new products and services to market, focused predominantly on the design of cloud/SaaS products and services, with a specific expertise in designing solutions for mid-sized IT organizations and the managed service providers that serve them. Chris earned an MBA from the Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley, and a BA in Philosophy from Dartmouth College.