To SSD or not to SSD: Three things to consider before you buy

Are you considering adding solid state drives (SSDs) to your datacenter for increased performance? Intrigued by its tremendous potential, but unsure if the actual benefits will justify the cost?

Join this discussion to understand how to accurately determine if SSD will benefit your workloads and how to correctly size and place SSD in your datacenter to maximize performance with minimal cost. In this 30-minute session, you will learn how to:

  • Identify which VMs benefit from SSDs - and which will not
  • Properly size SSD caches based on budget and performance requirements
  • Determine if in-server, in-array SSDs, all-SSD arrays or tiered storage is right for you.

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“CloudPhysics is really the next-generation of systems analytics.” 

 — Ryan Burgess, Infrastructure Architect, Blue Shore Financial

About the Speaker
irfan.pngIrfan Ahmad is founder and CTO of CloudPhysics, where he oversees the company's product strategy and engineering. In his nine years at VMware, Irfan was R&D lead and co-inventor for flagship products, including Storage DRS and Storage I/O Control. He worked extensively on interdisciplinary endeavors in memory, storage, CPU, and distributed resource management, and developed a special interest in research at the intersection of systems. He also spent several years in performance analysis and optimization, both in systems software and OS kernels. He is an inventor on seven issued patents and another 20 pending across memory management, page replacement, quality of service management, I/O scheduling and caching. He earned his pink tie from the University of Waterloo.