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CloudPhysics VMworld 2015 Survey Results

In August 2015 at VMworld, CloudPhysics surveyed over 1,000 attendees, asking them a series of questions related to the challenges and issues they faced in managing their vSphere environments. The results were fascinating and CloudPhysics recorded a webinar to review the findings. In addition, we augmented the findings with unique global data set queries from CloudPhysics to provide extra content and insights

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Some Key findings:

  • 68% of respondents indicated that the top cause of disruptions are configuration changes, highlighting the complexity facing VMware admins
  • Adding to the challenge, more than 50% are trying to manage their virtual environments with VMware vCenter alone, unaided by dedicated operational management tools
  • While admins recognize the value in additional management tools, more than 65% reported taking more than a month to implement an on-premise management solution, and of those, more than 45% reported it taking more than three months

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About the Speaker

luke.jpegLuke Congdon is a founding team member and product manager at CloudPhysics. Luke has spent the last 11 years in datacenter IT working in various product management roles for core virtualization and virtual datacenter management. He earned his MBA from Santa Clara University.